IRS & Audio Visual systems

We can supply and install single or multi satellite systems with distribution throughout multi occupancy buildings.

Once we know your requirements I.E. Sky+, Hotbird, FM, TV, DAB, we can choose the correct receivers, amplifiers and multi distribution hubs.

Best possible quality

100% digital quality television and radio reception forall subscribers in the complex (even 4K), as well as payment and movie channels, offers the user almost free choice across the board - and in addition, seamless reception, completely without noise or impact from the surroundings.

Satellite reception is available to everyone, everywhere!

Increased user satisfaction

Through the use of multi switches Sat-SCR ensurescomplete freedom of choice for all users - both interms of choice of programme providers as well as thechoice of bouquet size.

Aesthetics of the building

A single satellite dish on the roof or well concealed cansupply an entire apartment complex with digital TV andradio signals. The time has come when buildings nolonger need to be plastered with satellite dishes on allsouth-facing balconies.

Audio Visual

Whether you are a business or Home owner that requires state of the Art Audio visual systems, we can supply backbone systems so that you can push Images and Audio around the buildingin multiple or single groups.

These can be controlled via purpose made wireless controllers or from an IPAD type device, complete flexibility and high quality reproduction is assured.