Intruder Alarms

We can supply and install small and large systems all with varying features to suit the client’s requirements. From survey we assess with you the risk; from this process we can then decide what types of devices are best suited to provide the protection to suit the risk.

Movement detectors, shock sensors, vibration detectors, door contacts, these are just some of the most common devices used.

The most basic system can be supplied to protect the premises, setting and un-setting from a keypad with a bell box installed externally.

More intelligent systems are available that can be set, unset via a smartphone from anywhere in the world, as long as there is a data connection, these systems may also have smoke detectors linked to them and some systems can provide Home automation functions.


Where cabling is difficult, expensive or prohibited, we can supply and install wireless systems, these can be installed quicker and if cabled systems may have been seen, there are no unsightly wires clipped to walls, skirting etc.


All systems can include remote monitoring using BT Redcare, GSM, Broadbandcomms links, if preferred, systems can simply have a voice/text dialler to contact a list of Key-holders.