Automated Gates, Barriers & Turnstiles

Whatever your needs, we can deliver a solution that fits your style and budget.


Automation techniques can vary depending on the application, we're sure we can provide a solution that would best suit your needs, based on the environment balanced with the security implications.

Gates can be swing, sliding or folding, Vehicle Barriers raised & folding. Automatic rising Bollards may be suitable for some applications.

Whichever design of gate, barrier or turnstile you are considering, we can integrate these to work with Access Control systems, either new or existing.

Practical & Stylish

Turnstiles can be manufactured robust; for example, an industrial Site could be such an application.

Or perhaps an architecturally designed turnstile is your requirement; these may be for inner office areas where the aesthetics might be just as important as the security the turnstiles need to offer.

Samples of work


  • 24v operators incorporate Battery backup.
  • Anti-crush features, built in the motor. and/or added with separate sensors.
  • Barrier arms with built in Lamps for easier identity in darkness or heavy fog/mist.
  • Sacrificial brackets for Barrier arms if barrier struck, saves costs on new complete arms.
  • UPS can be added to 240v swing/sliding gates, so in event of mains failure gates continues to operate or fails open.
  • Car park counting systems, to notify of free spaces or full.


All of our automatic entrance systems comply with the latest European standards and the Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Existing Automated Gates

We have often taken over the maintenance of existing automated Gate systems, where the safety of the products either do not satisfy the latest standards or could be improved; we have adapted these entrances which offer our clients peace of mind that their Entrance system is compliant and up to date.

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