Timber, Steel or Aluminium

Our timber doors are normally made from hardwoods, sourced fromsustainable forests with FSC certification. Doors can be supplied toa wide range of designs, including those supplied by the customer;they can also be fitted with automatic closures to provide addedconvenience to the elderly and physically impaired.

Our metal doors are constructed from steel sections to a modulardesign and incorporate 'anti-nip' full length hinges to preventfingers becoming trapped during closing. All doors can be powdercoated in any RAL colour.

Strength & Durability

We always recommend using heavy-duty door closures and, whereopenings allow, fitting electronic magnetic locks as these offergreater locking strength and anti-vandalism features.

LPC Rated doors

Some sites may have a requirement from their insurer or perhaps their customers that they have doors Certificated to the Loss Prevention Certification Board, perhaps LPS 1175: Issue 7 as an example, Certus Security can provide and install these doors together with Access control and electronic locking mechanisms.

If the doors to be replaced are already controlled by an Access control system, we can take on the whole project integrating the new doors with the existing system to save the customer time and hassle of two or more companies on site at the same time.

Fire prevention

We can supply Steel, timber, composite fire rated doors, intumescent meter cupboards, intumescent service riser duct covers, dry riser installations and maintenance.

We can supply and install complete physical and electronic Fire protection measures to Multi story buildings.