Close Circuit Television

CCTV technology has advanced so dramatically that the possibilities are limited only by the budget available.

Which Recording Method?

If you're planning to procure a CCTV system, you may be considering digital recording. The choices, such as hard drive size and recording speed, can sound complex, but we can advise you what, why and how; in ways that will simplify the complete process and ensure you get the right image quality and recorded duration.

Integrated CCTV

Certus Security can integrate CCTV with access control, intruder and/or fire alarm systems.

For example, if your premises are in a high-risk area, it may be best to monitor and verify not just via camera images but also by access control, the entry is allowed only when image and card are matched.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Discreet Surveillance

Networked CCTV

Networked CCTV

We can provide a CCTV system that can be installed over existing TCP/IP computer networks: images can then be viewed from any monitor within the network. The system is password protected and provides an outstanding effective security environment.

High Definition

Systems we can supply and install include IP POE cameras, the images these cameras provide are High Definition (HD) and are at the forefront of the Technology available today, once you have seen the live and recorded images you can be assured that the recorded media will be very useful for any evidential and or investigative purposes.

Certus Security can help you choose the system that will always be the most efficient and most cost effective for you. We can install systems that are right not only for today but can grow with your security requirements in future years.

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