Sliding Gear Features

  • The Extrusion is only 10cm, allowing fitting to most walls, supports and beams blending effortlessly into the surrounding environment.
  • Simple installation and servicing features make our operator economical to maintain.
  • Precise adjustments to speeds and forces allow the operator to be setup to the Requirements of each individual entrance way.
  • Quiet running noise and Service free Motor/gearbox
  • Integrated Monitor Battery backup system
  • Robust and Integrated PSU
  • Dedicated inputs for safety sensors & Integration
  • Huge range of Surface finishes
  • Modular design helps for easy installation and replacement of components – saving time and money in the future.

Existing Automated Doors

We have often taken over the maintenance of existing automated door systems, where the safety of the products either do not satisfy the latest standards or could be improved; we have adapted these entrances which offer our clients peace of mind that their Door system is compliant and up to date.


Our doors comply with the latest European standards and the Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Swing Door Automation

We offer pneumatic or electric closer solutions, all of which can be fitted to metal or timber doors. Pneumatic offers a more robust; low power option, however, this is not always practical as these require a compressor, so perhaps an electrical closer would be more suitable for some applications. Which type suits your property; can be assessed when we provide you with a free quotation. Integration to existing Door Entry and Access Control systems is seamless whichever type is chosen.